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Application of lubricant
ItemNo: PP-92
SortModels: Application of lubricant
Application of lubricant
1. Strong adhesion capability: we have adopted an inert molecular recipe, which can be excellently adhered to various kinds of material: PU, aluminum, S.S. and steel material;
2. Generating a layer of friction: our product can quickly form a layer of friction over the surface of an object to realize lubrication between two objects in a long-term, continuous and even manner. Such a friction layer can be thickened as needed.
3中性的成分:我们的化学分子的Ph值 〉7,绝对不会对其他材料造成污染或腐蚀
3. Neutral composition: the chemical molecular Ph value of our product is  〉7, no corrosion or pollution will be brought to other material.
4. High lubricating performance: a lubrication level of ±10 can be maintained for a long time when our product is used on a working surface.
5. Simple usage: either brushed or sprayed.
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